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Peter Pace

Message from General Peter Pace

Our Nation asks much of her military, and is committed to improving and enriching the lives of service members who have made great sacrifice. The Wall Street Warfighters Foundation offers a unique opportunity for industry leaders to contribute to the life of a wounded warrior in a very meaningful way. We at the Wall Street Warfighters Foundation believe that America owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to those who have borne the physical and mental injuries of battle to preserve the freedoms we hold dear.

The Wall Street Warfighters Foundation is designed to mentor and train wounded warriors interested in a career in the finance industry. Our program helps disabled veterans realize financial security, professional satisfaction, and personal independence. Corporate partners benefit by adding proven problem solvers to their organization’s workforce, and are enriched through the mentorship and leadership opportunities the program offers.

We encourage eligible veterans and interested industry leaders to contact us and learn about the program.


Peter Pace
General, United States Marine Corps (Retired)


American Century of Kansas City host’s two WSWF’s American heroes

KANSAS CITY, MO — February 23-27, WSWF’s candidates were hosted by American Century Investments in Kansas City, MO.  In four days they were exposed to a fast track series of instructional briefings foundational to the securities industry. Topics covered included Investment Management, Direct and Intermediary Sales, Corporate Strategy and Institutional Strategies.


George Holmes, a former Master Sergeant in the US Army, engaged in the Investment Management portion of the training, while John Jones, a former Staff Sergeant in the US Marine Corps, found significance in the Institutional Sales briefing.


Both Holmes and Jones were inspired by the intense training they received from American Century.  It solidified their understanding of the securities industry as well as provided them with more training to complete their course.


Wall Street Warfighters Foundation salutes American Century Investments for their gracious commitment to provide these disabled veterans with an opportunity to be briefed in market techniques and exposure via briefings which are essential for Holmes and Jones to succeed in the financial industry. 


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SIFMA and T Boone Pickens welcome Wall Street Warfighters to Wharton


PHILADELPHIA, PA — The 56th annual Securities Industry Institute, attended by over 500 industry professionals, hosted a series of seminars at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania from March 8-13.


WSWF candidates were warmly welcomed by attendees, many of whom hold executive positions in leading securities institutions. Our candidates not only participated in the conference, but were able to network with industry leaders in attendance.  Of special note was a personal greeting from T. Boone Pickens (pictured, above). Mr. Pickens extended job offers to both Jones and Holmes upon completing the Wall Street Warfighter program.


WSWF participation in this conference fulfills our ‘Building Blocks’ segment of training to help our candidates gain broad exposure to the industry.  Next, our candidates will be immersed in intense short-term internships in New York and Chicago before entering the academic and testing portion of the program.


The Securities Industry Institute is the longest running executive education program in the world. The conference host top academic and industry leaders annually at Wharton.


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